Swine Flu Alert!

I've been reading snatches about this issue but today I searched online & dug out more info about the swine flu dilemma.

Swine Flu?
It's a respiratory disease caused by influenza type A virus which infects pigs. As is with other viruses, there are many different strains due to rapid mutation. The rumble today is because the virus previously did not make the leap from pig to human: the new strain does.

Bad piggies...
A New Strain...
...with the same genetic material available in viruses that infect birds, humans & pigs. It seems that the new strain is the product of earlier strains mixing & swapping genetic information from different species: pigs provide the medium for such a mix to occur.

The swine flu virus is a new, more dangerous strain
Similar to the human flu: it begins with a sore throat, fatigue & cough...then a fever will set in. If the fever lasts for more than 10 days, it's better to have a check up.

Oh Dear...
...no more pork? Not necessarily...As long as the inner temperature is above 70 degree Celsius, the virus will not survive. However people have died in Mexico, so this is no laughing matter. A few tips to reduce the risks:

Take preventive measures

1. Ensure good basic hygiene: do not rub your eyes with your hands, wash your face & hands etc

2. If in close contact with someone with flu-like symptoms, wear a mask if possible.

3. Good infection control: cover your nose/mouth when sneezing/coughing, use a tissue when possible & discard it appropriately.

For more information please head on to the WHO section on swine flu.

Be safe & keep your family & friends safe!


Rwi Hau said...

do not misconstrue, guyz. the CDC and healt experts have not until now set out to discourage people from indulging in pork. fact is, the term 'swine flu' is really inappropriate and i would say, sensitive. if in anyway, that name certainly has managed to complicate matters. people from around the world, especially the muslims, think that by eating pork will get you sick, BADLY. it's been in their mindset. i would like to stress here, you won't contract H1N1 flu just by having pork in your disgestive tracts. now remember everyone, ditch the term 'swine flu' and switch to 'H1N1 flu'.

Rowan said...

It's now called A(H1N1), not swine flu. And yes, you won't get it from eating pork as long as the meat is cooked 70C in the inside :)