4/5 Update!

Hey all :)

Here's an update of what's been happening so far with Rowie's Scribbles:

So I was busy...
Well yeah! Between coursework & other stuff, I didn't have the frame of mind to search for inspiration, much less to find for information to write. I try my best not to give silly, emo articles...I always plan to write interesting articles so forgive me for not being at my best to deliver.

New light
I've been planning to do book reviews on Nora Roberts. As some of you may know, she's my favorite author & I love her books. The fact that she churns out at least 3 new books every yr appeases me :D I hope to either make a new section for Nora Roberts or keep the articles related to her under the Literature label. What do you guys think? Check the poll on the left to let me know what you think! 

More flavors
I also thought of writing about historical events, I'm toying with a summary of the Unit 731 of the Imperial Army of Japan, notorious for its horrifying experiments on humans. Likewise, I may do similar articles on other aspects of history. My problem is I'm not a fan of history, so it may take quite a while :p

Food, food, food...
I did go out but I was lazy to get photos & write about the places I went :p I'll do my best to make up for this short coming!

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you find it informative & interesting. Feel free to let me know your opinions & I hope you'll stay tuned! :)


Goose said…
Your articles have been great recently. Keep that up and people will be happy to read! Im not bothered by specific subjects, random subjects are great because its always new, but repeating themes are good because you can elaborate more.
Rowan said…
You should have your own blog, Rob. Heaven knows the issues you cover are a whole lot more serious than mine :D

Thanks for your support! :)
Rwi Hau said…
fret not. i was caught up with stuff too a couple months back. didn't have the chance to post and comment on your blog. and now, i'm kicking back and enjoying my life to the fullest. but still, this will last for only a couple months. lol.
Rowan said…
You've got a good 2 months, right? :p Glad to see you back on board :p

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