ABRSM Theory Exam Mar 09 Results are OUT!

Woooooooooo what an exciting day it was! Well, yesterday :D

Some people had asked me about the exam results, so Mrs. June called me & read me the results of each person one by one...

My opinion:

1. I'm so happy & proud that almost all did very VERY well! It's your hard work & you deserved it! Some did not make it but it doesn't mean failure; as someone told me, "without failure, success is meaningless".

2. Thanks to Mrs. June who spent time to teach us, even getting a room for some of us to come over & have class in Kuantan. Thanks for helping each one of us to understand the subject & answer the questions!

3. Hopefully this will encourage y'all to study harder for future exams! It'll only be tougher from now on but that means the value of your music education will rise!

Congratulations to all!

PS. If you want your result, please SMS me. You can also wait for me to get the email & I can email the results to you *please leave your email in the comment box*

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