Back from Arau...

This will be short since I'm still gaining my feet back :D

Well 11 hr bus rides can be fun:
1. Random singing
2. Endless talking
3. *!*-gilo
4. Sleep
5. Food at places you'll probably never go to again

The debate at Arau was different from last yr:
1. More teams participating
2. We had teams from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia & Taiwan
3. We had double-quarters rather than octo-finals
4. The food was marginally better
5. Many new faces
6. Trips to Gua Kelam (which I didn't get to join coz of my blasted ankle)
7. Both UMP teams made it to top 10 by round 5

Yet there were disappointments:
1. Judges who couldn't differentiate between new matter & a rebuttal
2. Judges who somehow didn't catch key words which were emphasized over & over again
3. Topics that were too general for Australasian debating format
4. Some topics were just plain silly
5. The food served for the Opening & Closing Dinners were not very good
6. Insects still colonized the beds
7. Previous AO T-shirt was better

All in all:
1. I'm thinking of becoming a judge the next round
2. I've faith in our junior teams to do better next yr
3. It was Che Chi's last local tournament, we'll see her in Australs July :)


Rwi Hau said...

woah, you juz came back from Arau? no wonder u were gone for the whole week...

Rowan said...

Yeah :p We were at UMP for training prior to that :D

Radin87 said...

Nice work Rowan..
keep up the good work..

Rowan said...

Thanks Radin! :)