Grades! Cheers!

I was dead bored & wondered if the grades for Petrol & PCI were out yet, which I thought, nah...But I was bored so I checked it out & they were out! Here are my grades for sem 6 :)

Chemical Plant Utilities Lab A
Chemical Engineering Lab III A
Engineering Graphics A
OSH in Chemical Industries A
Petroleum Technology A
Process Control & Instrumentation A
Project-Based Proposal Writing A
Unit Operations II B+ (darn it!)

My GPA is 3.92, my CPA now is 3.72...Still on track but Unit Op is a damn shame!

2 more semesters to go folks!


Goose said...

Well done Rowie! Its not shocking you got these grades, the amount of effort you put in!

Rowan said...

Thanks Rob! Hopefully I'll keep it up for the next 2 sems!

Momoe said...

WOW, congrats rowie!!! u've always been so smart n hardworking since ever! haha... take care...

espree said...

Kudos Rowie!!!
My my,Your grades are so GODLY.
You totally deserve it girl.
Coz you work your ass fair&square every-single-time.
So happy for you!

p/s:just so you know, my grades are just so-so this time around.hope i can kick some butt next sem.bah!

rowan said...

@Momoe: Aww thanks! You're another hardworking bloke! :p

@Lulu: Thanks sweets! Yeah you will kick ass, off & on the books! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats... keep up the good work! You will get what you want!

Radin87 said...

you are the second person I know that get many A's result..

well done jo ann..

Rowan said...

Thanks Radin :D

Anonymous said...

ahhh seriously! u r brilliant! and really dunno how u actually did that with so many other responsibilities on urself... hahha...
Keep it up rowan! coming sems... :)