Happy Teacher's Day!

It seems fitting to write an entry dedicated to the teachers I've had after the post glorifyin' my results :p

Celebrated on May 16 in Malaysia, this day celebrates the virtues & the dedication of our teachers, & to show our appreciation for this special group of people who immerse themselves in the world of sharing knowledge. 

Some of the teachers I would like to lay praise on, the top 10, in no particular order:

1. Mrs Loh: My Standard 1 teacher,  despite being the small geek I was, she never taught me differently & was always kind to me.

2. Ms Elizabeth Xavier: She taught me the magic of chemistry & through her eyes, it became one of my favorite subjects, partly the reason why chemical engineering was so appealing to me.

3. Mr Han: Eccentric, he's the example of how a really dedicated teacher should be. You couldn't find another guy more in love with teaching (I hope he doesn't mind that I think so!) than him!

4. Pn. Elizabeth Easaw: "I know a Band 6 (MUET) when I see one"...I remember she told that to me & she was right ;) She encouraged me to expand my writing skills & until today maintaining this blog helps me to maintain the skills I learned from her.

5. Ms Chew: My piano teacher who was amazing with me & taught me music for the best 10 yrs of my life, until now my love of music burns bright & she nurtured it.

6. Mrs. Lee: My biology teacher who really helped turn an otherwise boring memorizing subject into a fascinating one...I may not have ventured into the field of biology (yet?) but I still have an interest to read up on new advances in that field.

7. Ms. Foo: My violin teacher who understood that I wanted to learn violin, without the strings & hassles ofo exams, she was so patient with me & I'm very grateful.

8. Mrs. June Wong: UMP orchestra peeps, you should salute her as well. It's not easy driving up & down from K'tan to UMP & teach us music theory! I'm so happy that she enjoys teaching us & that she's so patient with my blunders :)

9. Dr Kadhum: Process Control was a breeze thanks to this great guy. He's always smiling & the classes are never dull, PCI was a fun subject! Plus he's so dedicated & willing to teach us after-hours!

10. PM Zul: Another eccentric bloke, he gave me a boost of confidence everytime I'm in his class. Being the only female means being selected almost all the time to answer his spontaneous questions was a burden but now I appreciate that it made me more alert & attentive to the subject. I grew an interest in Petroleum because of you Sir :)

11. Mr Cheng: Although he is now overseas pursuing further studies, I won't forget how he made Chemical Reaction Engineering easy to understand, to the point that I shake my head in disbelief when juniors complain about how complex it is. A hardworking lecturer creates hardworking students which brings success.

I'm sure I've left out some teachers but I'll add them into the list next yr :) Thanks to all teachers & celebrate the joy of sharing knowledge :)

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