So Here It Comes...

After the last paper of the final exams last week, I was swept with a peculiar feeling: joy that it's over, excitement that I'll be a final yr student; fear of the unknown. Yes I know, in my head, what awaits: thesis proposal, thesis report (the experiments in between), lesser subjects, plant design projects etc. Yet my heart wonders if I'm ready.

Watching my seniors struggle & finally overcome the challenges of their final yr makes me wonder if I can make it too.
Watching them send their applications for Practical Internships ; fighting the economic crisis, waiting for the results for their placements makes me wonder if I can do the same.
Buying their books for subjects that I will take next yr, helping to send the word out to my friends makes me wonder if I will be able to do just as well.
Listening to them recount the hardships & the successes of their thesis makes me wonder if I can make a success from my own.
So many questions. Again, I ask myself: are you ready to face the final yr of your degree? The answer to this is I MUST be ready. It'll be a new study yr, with new friends & foes, new challenges to face & new successes to carve out. The key is within me: the answer is I must be ready to face it; do my best to end it with flying colors :)
*A sentimental moment. I seem to be full of these lately :p


Rwi Hau said...

worry not. i'll lend a hand if you ever need any help. lol.

Rowan said...

Haha thanks, I think I may need it :D

marissa norfis said...
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Rowan said...

Thanks Marissa, you've got that courage & confidence too! Don't ever lose it! There'll be a lot to face before final yr so never break down & give up! :)