Wesak Day

Celebrated by Buddhists around the world, this event is also known as Buddha Day. Malaysians celebrated it on the 1st of May; since it coincided with Labor Day, that date has double significance for us.

3 main events of Lord Buddha's life are celebrated:
1. His birthday
2. Enlightenment
3. Achievement of Nirvana

We remember the night of his enlightenment, his insights of his previous lives & his revelations about nature, death, karma, reincarnation, suffering & lusts. We take steps to pay homage to him:
  • Donations
  • Food to the needy
  • Offerings of incense, joss sticks, flowers
  • Prayers & chanting of sutras
  • Candle procession
  • Release of birds, insects & animals

The main objectives:
  • Remembering Lord Buddha
  • Bringing happiness to others

We observe this date with humility & purity of heart to make it a worthwhile gesture :)


marissa norfis said...

happy wesak day..hehe...even though its quite late now...huhu

Rowan said...

Yeah shame on me too! :p

Rwi Hau said...

happy wesak day...

Goose said...

Great post, its always good to learn whilst reading your blog, we have lots of cultures here of course, and everyone likes to get involved with everyone elses festivals, but theres never any explination like the one you just gave to help people understand better, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have no comment on this blog. I will like to wish Happy Wesak Day! Amitabdha.