YouTube: The Next Frontier for the OG

As announced on the side bar, the Orquesta has reached out for the next frontier: YouTube. The channel was made to showcase the videos of the OG's performances. So far I've been able to upload most of the recent performances but I'm now tracking down videos, either yet to be found or of better quality.

  • Easier medium to promote OG videos (it's YouTube!)
  • Easier to share our music with the world *plus I don't have to keep the videos!
  • Not much popularity (yet)
  • Need hours to upload large videos (duh)

  • Promote OG's music to the world: it's unique & it's US!
  • Promote UMP
  • Share our love for music with music fans around the globe
  • Improve through comments & viewers' opinions

So do help to rate & give your opinion on our music! Thank you!


marissa norfis said...

yay!! at last..something from ump students on u-tube...hehe

Rowan said...

Hehe actually there are quite a few vids but rather scattered :p

Goose said...

You need to go about to other users pages and sub/be-friend them so they can see your work rowie.

Rowan said...

Yeah I ought to, need to start scoping them out! :)