Be Enough

I know this will sound funny but I got inspired after watching a recent Oprah episode. The episode discussed physical & emotional issues that women face especially after the age of 45 (due to perimenopause/menopause). The guest speaker was Dr. Northrup, author of the book The Wisdom of Menopause (remind me to find this book later for Mom). Important issues highlighted in the show (well what I could remember):

Dr Northrup & Oprah Winfrey
1. Cut down the caffeine
People tend to take caffeine to keep awake throughout the day. Caffeine hinders production of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar level. With insulin absent, blood sugar level increases & your cells become energized, you will feel more alert. However when the blood sugar level drops, it'll be LOWER than when you initially started. This cycle, if repeated, will take a toll on your body & the fats you want to abolish won't be able to get out. Below is a diagram I did to illustrate the effect of caffeine on blood sugar level:

Reduce caffeine & have a good breakfast (make sure you have protein) at the start of every day to establish a stable & healthy metabolism.

2. Surrender to yourself
The word "masturbate" is often perceived as unpleasant/uncomfortable. However, think of it as surrendering to yourself. Polish your sexual image, KNOW what you want & what you need to feel pleasure. Menopause & perimenopause does not decrease sex drive; stress does. Romance novels help to get women hot (well 80% of published books are apparently romance novels, so there's no end to variety there), so relax, snuggle in a hot bath with a steamy book & be ready to rock the night. Talk to your partner to let him/her know what you want/need & what he/she wants/needs to make it a memorable experience.

Refresh your sex drive
3. Finding balance
Women today are overwhelmed by so many things: family, career, community etc. What women (& men) need to do is to find a balance between all the compartments of their life & make it work. While it is good to commit your time & energy doing things that you like & love, it's no good to sacrifice yourself when the task becomes too demanding & laborious on your health. Remember you are no good to anyone, whether it is family, boss, or society, if you wear yourself out & die. Prioritize your life & make time for YOU.

Find your balance
4. Environmental factors vs genetics
It is true that coronary diseases & diabetes etc can be strongly influenced by genetics, you can make a difference by controlling the environmental factors around you. A simple analogy is identical twins; they have the exact same set of DNA but environmental factors can make them completely different individuals. Go for a medical check up & check your HDL & LDL readings; change your diet & exercise to battle back heart disease etc. Take control of your life & BE your life.

Take control
5. Combat insomnia
Sleep is a precious commodity these days. It's important to have 1 hour to relax before going to bed. Watching TV/surfing the Internet will keep the mind active for hours after, so do not switch on the TV/computer before you go to bed. Insomnia is also caused by stress hormones & a diet of high glycemic index carbohydrates. Eat food with omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon, flax seeds etc to improve sleep. Use the last hour before you sleep to calm down & slow down for a good night's rest.

Time to fight insomnia
My favorite line from the show was when Dr Northrup told a member of the audience to tell herself "I am enough, I do enough, I had enough. I'M ENOUGH". This is a line that we have to tell ourselves to remind ourselves that we can only do as much as our body & mind permits & that we need to take a break for ourselves sometimes. Our bodies have been telling us that enough is enough & it's time to listen to it. 

Be enough for yourself & for the people in your life. Take care of yourself for no one else can do it for you. This is an important message to my mothers, my sisters, my daughters & all the women in the world. Be enough.


Rwi Hau said...

be enough. yeah, sometimes u need to stop going at full speed for a while. take some time off to refresh.

azwan bamadhaj said...

wow.. very informative...

especially for OLD people like me.....


but seriously, its very informative, oprah's shows are always like that...

Rowan said...

@Rwi Hau: Yeah we tend to forget that we're the most important thing in our lives :D

@Azwan: Thanks! You may not be going thru menopause anytime soon but extra info never hurts! :p