Beautiful Life

I was going through a friend's FTP site when I stumbled upon 11 episodes of Beautiful Life, a Japanese drama. I remember watching it in 2000 (I was 14) & boy, it made me weep. Nostalgia had me staying up until 3am downloading each episode & it was worth it. Every tear.

Kyoko is a beautiful, cheerful & independent woman despite being confined to a wheelchair due to an illness. Shuji is a moody, attractive & a fiercely talented hair stylist. They started out fighting & quarelling with each other but they began to fall in love with each other. Shuji learns the hardships Kyoko endures as a handicapped person & Kyoko learns to let someone else take care of her. Life is beautiful for the pair but when Kyoko's illness takes a turn for the worse, the 2 of them learn that love is worth any sacrifice & to work hard to be happy together.

Takuya Kimura smolders as Shuji; he fits so well with the broody, careless personality of Shuji. Takako Tokiwa is ADORABLE & plays Kyoko perfectly, from being cute to annoying to strong & determined. The supporting cast was amazing too, each character played out well to create a strong framework focusing on the couple.

I am now OBSESSED with Konya Tsuki no Mieru oka ni performed by B'z, the guitar riffs are AMAZING & the instrumental version makes me cry. The other songs in the soundtrack are awesome too & perfectly sets the tone for each scene.

Watch it on YouTube here.

Since the film is incredibly successful & held the TV rating record of drama in Japan for over 30 yrs, this is worth the watch. The beginning is cheerful, the ending is sorrowful & I end up watching it again from the beginning to relive the couple's joyful times. 

*You can watch it online here (with English subtitles).
*I have the OST of the drama, feel free to contact me for it.


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Anonymous said...

my god! u found this one! i love that once!

Rowan said...

Really? I have the whole series, I can pass to you! It's awesome! :) I'm addicted!