More Piano Music

The holidays have put me in a good mood & I've decided to channel the positive energy into recording piano music. My violin skills are below par so not worthy to record (yet!).

I uploaded the files on 4shared.com since YouTube & eSnips are a b!tch to handle. 

So recorded yesterday 4/6/09:
(Click  to download)

A Song of Erin                                                  
I Don't Love You                                            
Konya Tsuki no Mieru oka ni (1st trial)  

I'll be posting more, feel free to download & I welcome feedback!


Anonymous said...

hey.. can you send me a copy of b'z konya tsuki no mieru oka ni piano score?? i desperately need it>__< pleaseee..
my e-mail: s1lver_orch1d@yahoo.com
thx before..

Rowan said...

Hello sorry I don't have the score, I transcribed it myself. I will make time to write it down for you :)