Music of the Movies: Part 1

Music is an essential part of the movies, the Oscar award for Best Original Score recognizes music composed to support the film. I'm sure everyone has a list of their favorite soundtracks so I'm gonna run through mine:

The Departure

  • From the movie Gattaca
  • I was encouraged to listen to it by a good friend of mine & I never regretted it.
  • Short fingers makes it difficult to play the piano solo but I'm trying!
Star Wars theme

  • Duh from the Star Wars saga
  • Awesome wind music, I hope to get the OG to perform this theme one day!
Come What May

  • From the movie Moulin Rouge
  • Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor sung it beautifully, so wistful & longing
Star Trek theme

  • From the new Star Trek movie
  • The horn solo in the beginning is amazing
The Ride of the Rohirrim

  • From the LOTR movie The Two Towers
  • Amazing build up, you can almost smell the horses & the warriors
I'll do this as a series of 5 per entry, stay tuned! :)
Feel free to give me suggestions to include in the future!


espree said...

OMG, the soundtrack from the movie Moulin Rouge...I thot i ws the only one and then you!!
Love the movie,i wanna watch it again...do u have it?

Rowan said...

No I don't have it. So now it's on my list of "Movies to Get"!

Yay happy to know you're another fan! :D

Otit said...

I never have chance to say this.But you are one good hand in music.
The passion of a good music,you transfer it well to your audience you know.

music makes brain function better u know.

Rowan said...

Thanks Tito, it's nice to know that I got the music through! :)

Rwi Hau said...

i must say, star wars' is definitely the ultimate winner. lol.

Rowan said...

The Departure is AWESOME! I'm practicing that song now, so I'd know :p