Argh! Pokemon Frenzy!

The last thing I need to rant about is how crazy I am about Pokemon Emerald! I'm not even squealing about the new games (coz I don't have them >.<)!

*pinch pinch*

Oh NO! Madness has taken over!

It's midnight, so crazed am I, that this has to be classified as a Scribbles article!

On with the madness! I can't understand why I'm developing this frenzy with Pkmn! 
  • I'm actually checking my PokeNav for match calls & finding trainers to bust.
  • I make it a point to rename every Pkmn with names from gods/godesses. Arrogant, much?
  • I'm also strategizing my troop according to the area that I plan to travel to. 
  • I can almost remember which moves can create the critical hit

Oh boy...

Manja Princess infected me with it. I knew it. All the hugging was bound to transfer some Pkmn virus. The only thing I'm regretting now is I'm unable to trade online to get more Pkmn. 

Trudging along...trudging along...Lalala...

So there's the end of my rant. Or teeny breakdown. 

Doesn't it look pweety?

End of personal blabber! Thank you for reading! ^.^

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