Movie Review: Transformers 2

I watched this film twice because despite what most people said, I think the film was great! I'm tossing out ridiculous comments like there are too many robots, etc...Watching it twice is a good sign (for me, at least!), not to mention I'm waiting for the DVD too ^.^


On to the review! :D

The Plot
The Autobots & humans join forces forming the NEST unit; their job is to take out Decepticons across the globe. The US government begins to worry if the Decepticons are really only after the Autobots & request the Autobots to leave Earth. During this time, Sam enrols into college & a tiny shard of the Allspark transfers symbols into his mind. 

The Decepticons launch an assault from space, stealing the only known remaining piece of the Allspark & using it to revive Megatron from the deep Laurentian Abyss. Megatron returns to the Fallen, his master, who plans to return to Earth to harvest Energon needed for producing Decepticon hatchlings. 

It is learned that there were 7 Primes, the leaders of this race & they traveled the Universe to find suns to harvest the energon from by building a machine. They had 1 rule: never build the machine on planets with life. However 1 of the Primes betrayed this rule & proceeded to build the machine on Earth. The other Primes sacrificed their lives to hide the Matrix of Leadership, the key needed to switch on the machine. The map to the Matrix is in the symbols burning in Sam's brain. 

Megatron then abducts Sam to obtain the map but he is thwarted by Optimus Prime. Unfortunately Optimus was killed in his effort to protect Sam & the Decepticons sent a message to humans, demanding them to find Sam or risk the destruction of Earth. Now Sam is on the run from the Decepticons & terrified humans to uncover the truth behind the symbols & to stop the war the Decepticons are bringing to Earth.

The Cast
Shia LaBeouf reprises his role as Sam Witwicky. This talented young actor is hilarious & I can't see anyone else playing Sam. Megan Fox has more lines & although I find her lips thicker than the previous show & her voice more annoying, she did well playing the gutsy Mikaela. Newcomer Ramón Rodríguez added more fun to the show, which was welcome, his humor counters Shia's perfectly well. We see the return of familiar faces like Josh Duhamel & Tyrese Gibson as buddies in the NEST unit, Kevin Dunne & Julie White as Sam's parents & John Turturro as Reggie Simmons from the now disbanded Sector 7.

The Music
Linkin Park wrote the new theme song "New Divide"; nice as it is, it sounds just like any other Linkin Park song & I don't know if this is good for the movie. The soundtrack however is perfect, epic orchestral music composed by Steve Jabolonsky sets the tone for the film; similar themes from the 1st film makes a 2nd appearance & the majestic touch is back.

There are some drawbacks, ie unnecessary humor scenes, like when Sam's mother ate drug-laced cookies & "acted out" on his 1st day at college. But the robot scenes made up for such minor drawbacks & this film definitely lived up to my expectation as one of the most anticipated films this yr. It showed a sliver of the Autobots & Decepticons' history & we've only touched the surface (well, that's the vibe I got). Hopefully in the 3rd film there'll be more stories revealed & more epicness in store. Cheers to Transformers 2! Optimus Prime FTW!


jaray said...

brownies! jo!!

i watched it twice too.
guilty as charged. HAHA!

Rowan said...

Haha I'm planning to watch it a 3rd time! :D