Poll Analysis: Round 2

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Do You Think There's Life in Outer Space?
Yes 85%
No 14%
(Unknown 1%)

Analysis: Many people think that there is another form of life out there in the Universe. The question now is, if there is life out there in the Universe, is it like us? Will they breathe in oxygen? Will they need to drink water? Of course, some people think that there's only life on Earth.

It's impossible to be the only form of life when the Universe is so vast

I personally believe that there is life out there. Let's go a bit deeper into why I believe that; IMO the origin of life is a random collision of molecules that created a sustainable reaction, ie life. I don't believe in God so this answer is enough for me to know where we all came from. 

More details explaining this theory from this article, but this makes me believe that a similar set of conditions & chemicals (not necessarily the same) present on other planets in the Universe can provide the platform for the creation of life. 

Though I would agree with the minority on 1 thing: there can be no life like Earthlings out there. We are one of a kind.

A Nora Roberts' Section?
Yes, she deserves a separate section 33%
No, the Literature section is sufficient 66%
(Unknown 1%)

The Queen Bee of Romance will not get a separate section just yet

Analysis: I made this poll to ask your opinion on whether I should create a separate section for Nora Roberts, containing book reviews & news. The resounding "No, the Literature Section is sufficient" goes well with the fact that her site is comprehensive enough & I'd only be eating up space on my blog. So thank you for your opinion on this matter :)

The Liberalization of Malaysia's economy is...
Good! 63%
Bad! 9%
No idea, dude... 27%
(Unknown 1%)

Analysis: Just recently the Malaysian government announced that the 30% bumiputera equity ownership requirement will be scrapped from all public-listed companies. Ekuiti Nasional Berhad will be set up as a fund provider & talent scouter for potential bumiputera entrepreuners. 63% of my readers said that it's a good move, while 9% didn't think so. 27% of you weren't sure if it's a good thing. 

Time for change in Malaysian economy

I believe this move is a good one. It's time to create a truly open competition in Malaysian economy & to banish cronism from the scene. The NEP has failed to increase the Malay share of corporate wealth to 30% by 2010. It's now at 19%. This liberalization also limits the powers of the Foreign Investment Committee, a government body whose restrictions on foreign investments diminishes Malaysia's capacity to compete with other countries like Singapore, China & India to woo in foreign capital. Time to bring that sense of unity in Malaysian economy & to woo in foreign investment because for too long, this requirement has been a major economic irritant.

The Pirate Bay verdict is...
Good! Time to crack down! 25%
Bad! Pointless, they aren't the real villians! 25%
Noo...How am I gonna download new media? 50%

The Pirate Bay founders were found guilty

Analysis: On 17 April 2009, the 4 founders of the Pirate Bay, a Swedish based file-sharing website, were found guilty of breaking copyright law. They were each sentenced to a yr in prison & ordered to pay £2.4m in damages.  The site doesn't actually contain copyrighted material, only links to such material. You may read the news report on BBC here.

I guess based on the poll, many of you would like to continue downloading illegally. 

I have mixed feelings about this. Duh I'd love to get media for free but it's wrong, I would suggest producers to make the price for original media cheaper so that there's no incentive for people to download them illegally. The producers are already earning so much from sales of original media, turning stars into millionaires; it's only fair to lower the price: if you like your art so much, you wouldn't put a price on it.

So that sums up the analysis of the polls so far. Feel free to comment & please vote on future polls! :)

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