Some of the Old & the New

A little run through of Rowie's Scribbles through the old & the new:

1. Poll analysis: I confess I'm kinda running out of ideas for the polls on the side bar. Thought-provoking, fun, witty is outta my head for the time being. I appreciate suggestions to provide the platform for deeper analysis. 

2. Orator section: I've been toying with the idea of providing an Orator section to put articles related to debate. I've decided it should help organize this blog & encourage better articles related to debating. So the new section is up, folks! 

3. Link bar: I've thought of providing links to sites I'm interested in, like the UMPlife forum, OG sites (official website, forum, YouTube channel), Cheresources, etc. I wonder if it'll clear up the clutter or make things worse, hmm...

4. Rowie's Scribble's Anniversary in 1 month: Yeah you heard me! This blog has been on since October last yr! I'm thinking about doing something special but I'm not sure what, ideas include reviewing favorite articles & who knows, a mini contest! (the prize has already been done) :p Stay tuned!

I want to thank everyone who's been supporting this blog, I certainly don't regret starting it! It sure helped me to expand my views & to connect with people & share opinions. 

Thank you & keep up the support! :)


espree said...

yeay,for the orator section!
i think its a gud idea.

Rowan said...

Thanks for your feedback! It'll definitely encourage me to write more debate-related topics in the future ;)