Back to Disney!

It's been a while since I've updated this blog...many ideas ran through my mind about what to scribble: the (now-removed) blanket ban on alcohol sales in Selangor, the recent anti-ISA protests in KL etc.

But Disney is a lovelier topic :p

I've been re-watching classics like Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid & Aladdin: the sheer quality of these films sets the benchmark for what is awesomeness in an animated film. Animated films today are no longer of the...well, animated breed. Films like Finding Nemo & Ice Age no longer have the "classic" films as they implement 3D CG animation. 

So it's a good thing that Disney is looking back to produce potential classics via combining traditional 2D cell animation with 3D CG animation, and I feel a rare surge of emotion as I anticipate the release of 2 new Disney films, The Princess & the Frog (2009) & Rapunzel Unbraided (2010):

Trailer for The Princess & the Frog:

Concept art for Rapunzel Unbraided:

So to Disney fans out there, hang on coz I'm betting these 2 films will be jewels in Disney's crown of animated films.

Boy, I can't wait :)


Momoe said...

Wow...nice pictures. These movies deserve to be on my 'must-watch' list. :D cool.

Rowan said...

Yup I'm looking forward to these 2 films :)

espree said...

the twang of the new orleans accent is the IN thing in cartoons now issnt it?

Azmi Aziz Shamsudin said...

i hate Disney...i believe it's the starting place of most pedophiles...i'm convinced the Disney people are perv's... silently the convert all the Disney girls to sluts..if you don't believe me look at lindsay lohan... now hillary duff is on her way...i'll tell u'll this...in the near future they're gonna start having nude scenes in Disney channel

Rowan said...

@Espree: Because it's so lusty :p

@Azmi: I don't think they're taking advantage of these kids. The animated films & the Disney channel stuff are 2 different sections.

Plus Hilary Duff & Lindsay Lohan became slutty out of their own free will ;)

Radin87 said...

rowan, nice topic..
BTW, i hope you can post a topic about 7 disney princess...


aMMerZ said...


I'm not really a big fan of Disney animated films BUT it's good if they try to bring back those nostalgic animated films like rapunzel or Beauty n the beast. Let's hope those combination of artworks really worth for us n Disney itself:p

Rowan said...

@Radin: I was planning to do that! I just need time to research *also to make sure my article won't be same as the others out there :p

@Ammerz: Yeah me too! Time to bring back the classic feel! :)