Exciting News!

Rowie's Scribbles is edging closer to its first year anniversary! :D

In October I plan to do something special for this blog & for my dear readers, so do answer the top poll on the left, & let me know what you would like! I've already prepared a newsletter of sorts, with articles that I've never published (& will never publish) on this blog :p

1. A contest: the blog would run a contest, probably covering different themes...my only problem is the prize! I thought of giving the newsletter to the winner of the contest, but feel free to suggest other prizes (or donate some haha)

2. Articles by reader's request: readers may submit (via e-mail) ideas for an article; I'll look through & write up as much as I can. Articles should not contain offensive matter & be as interesting as possible! (I don't want to yawn as I write it!) :p

3. Newsletter: this is by far the easiest option of the lot; simply leave your e-mail address & I'll send the newsletter to you! ^.^

I appreciate any feedback, the poll is very important so vote & stay tuned! :) 


Radin87 said...

Congratulations Rowan.
really exciting news..
hmm, I vote for "article by request"

Rowan said...

Thanks for your reply Radin! ;)

The result will really depend on the poll1 :)

aMMerZ said...

It's been a while...

hope u will UPDATE ur blog..

kinda miss of ur writing stuff


Rowan said...

Yeah I feel guilty but I've been busy, haven't the time to pick a topic & to write stuff :(