Ugh...Stuff It!!

I've had it with PAS Youth. One would think that they'd be the image of the modern young Muslim but they're just a bunch of young extremists in the making.

Now they want to ban MLTR from having a concert in Malaysia. Seems to me they keep banning concerts by foreign artistes. What the hell is their problem? Did they forget that Malaysia comprises of non-Muslims too? Did they think that music is REALLY such a bad thing?

I'm fed up with a bunch of megalomaniacs TRYING to dictate what kind of concert is appropriate for Malaysians. Well here's what I think: Malaysians are individuals who have proven, time to time, that we're capable of SOLID REASON & we have a right to PERSONAL CHOICE.
Since when was MLTR "raunchy" for crying out loud? The credibility of PAS Youth in this matter is obsolete.

There has to be guidelines on what kind of concert is appropriate. Simply slamming at foreign music shows shallowness & certainly this isn't the trait of a government we want.

Plus it shows how PAS Youth has little to no faith at all in the idea of personal choice & the rights of Malaysians to make that choice.

If MLTR doesn't rock this September, then forget the idea of a progressive Islamic country.

Just forget it.


Radin87 said...

I have read about your article.
What happen actually?
can you give me the detail?

If i have enough detail, maybe I can post it in my blog too..

Rowan said...

PAS Youth want to ban MLTR from performing in Malaysia.

That's just ridiculous. They ban almost every artist from performing here.

No wonder Singapore gets more publicity.

Radin87 said...

hmm.. interesting
I will do what I can do about this matter..

espree said...

wow...sounds like rowie is fuming!
i'm feeling ya pal,coz it seems unclear on what grounds are they really banning the concert.certainly MLTR isn't raunchy...why ban it? that's just absurd.

jaray said...

i went to their 1st concert in Malaysia when i was 9. LOL!!!

i wonder what '25 minutes' or 'Paint My Love' or 'That's Why' is raunchy? PAS Youth are just a bunch of nothing-to-do-slackers. LOL!

Rowan said...

There's got to be some LOGIC whenever one wants to propose a ban/boycott. Is it because MLTR is Danish? Popular? Hot?

If these PITHY reasons are the base for their case, then it's a stupid one.

marissa norfis said...

well i think what they should really do is to ban ONLY Muslims from going to the concert because it is ramadhan and going to a concert for a Muslim during this month will be absolute odd, a disrespect to our own religion and deviate from the whole idea of us fasting..

but for my dearly non-muslims friends,

i dont see why the concert should be canceled for u guys too...funny eyy..huhu...

they should start to accept the fact that we are living in a multi-religion country and by doing such actions will only worsen the situation in a country like Malaysia..

don't worry jo, i think they'll get the memo sooner or later...it would be a wake up call for them...hehe

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Rowan said...

@Marissa: Exactly. I can understand that it's the holy month & if they want to stop Muslims from attending the concert, I believe it's fair. But to ban it altogether screams ignorance.

@SSS: Thank you :)

A. said...

Facepalm, I actually laugh hard looking at that picture for 10min... then i began reading :P

maybe MLTR and it's crew should show some people "The Finger" by now