Care to Donate A File?

Seems like I will need a new file just to compile all my plant design notes. Patents, spreadsheets, online notes etc...Now I'm simply piling them on my cupboard, 1 thick pile of papers...


This Wednesday is the big day, when we present our plant design progress to the panel who are out there waiting to drain the blood from our veins....We've to present introduction, market survey, plant location & most importantly, spreadsheets of mass & energy balances.


We're rushing to finish everything, it feels like there's not enough time to complete it but this is the 1st time I truly feel that we've NO CHOICE in the matter. It's do or die at this stage. 

I've been thinking of new articles to put up here:
1. Beyonce's canceled (I don't believe it's postponed, as people so gullibly believe) concert...because Malaysia has terrorists? SHAME!

*Sugar plum princess wrote a letter to the Malay Mail about it & it was published

2. Coverage of recent issues: I haven't had time to read up (thanks to academic constraints) so I really need to get back to this after Wednesday.

3. Plans for this blog's anniversary (argh!)

I hate being apologetic but yes, I'm sorry for not updating this blog, I'll get back to it as soon as I can! Feel free to suggest new articles for me to write...Judging by the poll, suggestions from thy readers are most encouraged! :)


Radin87 said...

Don't worry Jo ann, take your time. As a fellow UMPian, I can understand the effort that you must give to your plant design...

It scary enough to just seeing it.. :S
good luck.. :D

Rowan said...

Yeah now only the report left...I'mdragging my heels to get it done! :p