New Year, New Song

The Mid-Autumn (or Mooncake) Carnival (Pesta Tanglung) is back at UMP! Organized by the Pesta Tanglung Secretariat under UMP's Chinese Culture Council, the event will be held this Saturday (17/10). Last year me & Fei Fei wrote the theme song for this event.

This year...We did it again! We were less prepared this time; what with PSM & academic stuff bugging us, so we finalized the song just last Sunday night :D

The song is STILL under renovation (hehe), but you can listen to the piano version here.

Check out the performance video!

You may also download the simplified piano score here.



Radin87 said...

wow.. jo ann..
finally you are posting again.
2 months is already too long..

the piano version is soothing.. :)
how many gonna play??

Rowan said...

Yeah, been busy with PSM & Plant Design...Sigh...

Instruments: piano, violin (1), keyboard (strings), flute (1), clarinet (2), trumpet (1/2, not confirmed), tenor sax (1), drums, acoustic guitar & bass guitar.

You can download the latest recording (complete with singer & the other instruments) at http://www.4shared.com/account/file/140915104/6cca9ccd/_-_.html

Glad you liked the piano version! Hope you will like this recording! :)