The Message behind Sleeping Positions

I just decided to do this article while surfing the web at the library :D
Based on the image below, we look at several sleeping positions & the message behind 'em:

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, has analysed six common sleeping positions - and found that each is linked to a particular personality type.

1. Foetus
  • Tough on the outside, sensitive at heart
  • Initially shy when they 1st meet someone but they soon relax
  • This is the most popular sleeping position
2. Log
  • Easy going, sociable
  • Enjoy being part of the crowd & trusting of strangers
  • May be gullible
3. Yearner
  • Have an open nature, yet can be cynical & suspicious
  • Slow to make up their minds but once the decision has been made, it is difficult to change their mind
4. Soldier
  • Generally quiet & reserved
  • Do not like to fuss
  • Sets high standards for themselves & others
5. Freefall
  • Gregarious & brash people
  • Can be nervy & thin-skinned sometimes
  • Not receptive to criticism/extreme situations
6. Starfish
  • Great friends because they are great listeners
  • Ready to offer help when needed
  • Do not like being the center of attention

So which sleeping position do you adopt? Post your replies & see if the description matches your real personality! :D


espree said...

nice.funny i dont have a specific sleeping position.im abit of everything.really! haha

Rowan said...

Haha depends on your mood, huh? :p

I'm usually the foetus & the soldier :D

It's pretty accurate except for
"Initially shy when they 1st meet someone but they soon relax" & "Do not like to fuss", it depends on the situation for me :D

Radin87 said...

Usually i'm more to the soldier. =D

Owh yeah Jo ann. Today, 16 November 2009 is my blog's first anniversary. You are free to surfing around my blog.. :D