Movie Review: This Is It

I watched this last Friday, the "threat" that the film is showing for 2 weeks only really worked :p We went to Teruntum in Kuantan, battled the after-office traffic jam, held our bladders until the very end of the show (well, me & Dine did haha), controlled hunger until after the show, to watch the magic of MJ. 

The movie is basically a compilation of video footage taken from rehearsals for MJ's big comeback concert; I suppose if he lived & the concert went on, the footage would've been made into a behind-the-scenes feature.

Man, the rehearsals were amazing. The film took us from the audition for MJ's principal dancers, to the finishing of the songs he prepared for the fans, the lighting, the special effects...If MJ lived, this concert would redefine the standards of live performance. The song selection was amazing, with songs from his Jackson 5 days, Thriller was superb, & powerful songs like Earth Song rocked the theatre. 

Without giving away too much (coz I truly recommend very MJ fan to watch this film for him/herself), this film reveals the genius that is Michael Jackson. He's so involved with every part of the rehearsal, fine-tuning the details...I can see why he was so overworked, yet his passion to deliver an amazing experience to his fans & to take them to places that they've never been is clearly displayed in his dedication. 

I cried throughout the film, I grieve more for him, he was truly an artist & I feel his heart is gentle & pure, his music relays the pain he feels & the magic he delivers is astounding. Man, he can still dance & sing. His talent is still there, despite being almost 50 yrs old. I was heartbroken when I noticed he looked underweight, his already slender frame seemingly more fragile. 

Watch the show while you can, it's truly an experience to know the man behind the image of the King. Long live Michael Jackson. We love you & you will live forever in our hearts.

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