When You're Stressed...

...you start thinking about weird stuff. Some of the lines I've heard tossed about while rushing through this semester were:

1. My head feels heavy, yet my brain mass isn't increasing ~ Red Hot Chilli Popia
2. Bunuh diri (kill self) ~ Yours truly
3. Wan die liao ~ Yours truly
4. What def? ~ Yours truly
5. Tired ~ Almost everyone

Red Hot Chilli Popia even composed a short song in between reports...

*sigh* The crazy things we do. I am now craving for McDonald's, mom's spinach, garlic bread, fried mushrooms, kuay teow soup & ham choi soup...

Upcoming schedule updates:
10Nov: Project Management & Economics Final Paper
18Nov: Wastewater Treatment Final Paper
18Nov-3Dec: Debate training
3-7Dec: Royals Intervarsity Debate Tournament

In between I'm involved in debate research, music classes...I'm in the midst of preparing a music course syllabus for next semester (can't reveal much as I know little!). My blanket needs to be washed, I'm perpetually hungry & I miss my family terribly.

I've been obsessed with the following movies:
1. Hairspray
2. Lion King
3. Sinbad: Legend of the 7 Seas
4. Bambi II (not Bambi!)
5. Without A Paddle

And hooked on the following songs:
1. Come What May
2. Ever Ever After
3. You Can't Stop The Beat
4. Paralyzer
5. A wide array of Disney music: I even burned a CD with a collection of Disney soundtracks to listen while I drive! o.O

How I Met Your Mother Season 1 & 2 are being replayed every week on my laptop.

So people have different ways of dealing with stress, yeh?

I'm feeling guilty because I put my thesis on the back burner & I've yet to meet my supervisor to check on my progress. He's a great supervisor; I'm just a lousy charge *sniff*

There. Whine over *temporarily*

I know I repeat this many times but I'll be back with PROPER articles soon :)

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