12 Subjects Nod for SPM...Yet...

According to this article, students can take maximum 12 subjects for SPM but only the grades from the 10 "core" subjects will be taken into consideration for scholarships. 

Redundant, much? Today's article clearly shows the lack of choice in the student's hands: there's no flexibility, they have to drop subjects they may want to take (especially vernacular subjects) for their future. Some people voiced that this new move is biased against vernacular subjects. I have to agree that this move is unfair & perhaps racist. 

I am puzzled with the government's decision in this matter. Why can't they just calculate the best 10 subjects rather than SELECTING which subjects to be considered from? I'm fine if they maintain the main 6 subjects (Bahasa Melayu, English, Maths, Sejarah, Pendidikan Moral/Islam, EST) as compulsory subjects to contribute to the overall grade, but the rest should be optional. 

PS. I feel EST is a silly subject but that's for another article one day.

Students should be allowed the freedom to take on whatever subject he/she wants to be tested on & to include in his/her results. I can understand the fury from various groups regarding this matter.  What the government should do is to take the grades from the core 5 subjects & the next top 5 grades from the other subjects. 

I don't see the justification to deny students their right to choose the subjects to take for SPM. 


Radin87 said...

Well, in my case.. I take 11 subjects in my SPM. I'm also very suprised when the government decide to limit the optional subjects.

Probably wants to be fair to all students especially for science school which only can take 12 subjects. But, this is the problem. By enrolled in science school, they already choose to focuses their study subjects. In the public schools, they usually not bound by the rules.

Thus, with this limitation, I think the public schools students will have a hard time compete with their science/intergration school counterpart.

I think most vernacular subjects is under SPMV doesn't it? SPM is SPM and SPMV is SPMV, so I think those who wants to take vernacular subject doesn't have any problem.

Rowan said...

Not sure about SPMV. Any resources about that? :)

Radin87 said...
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