Coming to the End of 2009

As the Xmas spirit blooms & people gear up for the year end holidays, again the time comes to reflect on how 2009 has been & what 2010 can be. It's been a tumultous year for us...the following words should pretty much cover how I felt 2009 was like:
1. Iran elections
2. Swine flu
3. Credit crunch & unemployment
4. Cyclone Nargis
5. China earthquake
6. Plant design & PSM
7. Earth Hour
8. Malaysian by-elections
9. Obama
10. Windows 7
11. Maguindanao massacre
12. 1Malaysia
13. MACC/Teoh inquest
14. Malaysia Lotus F1 team
15. Malaysia bans Allah from Bible
16. Kampar river bridge collapse
17. Fatine & Ian Young
18. Teaching Science & Math in Malay/English
19. Orchestra training
20. Debate competitions

So much has happened within the space of 1 yr, both locally & abroad. One has to ponder what these events mean & how they affect our lives. Each event is a stroke on the bigger picture, that is life.

I'm going philosophical, aren't I? :p

Oh well. Coming to the end of 2009, I'm coming closer to the end of university life, to the start of having a career, to possibly finding a life partner & having kids bla bla bla...I'm not excited about the final semester: it's gonna be tough, I know I'm gonna be scolded & pushed to my limits, but that's the path I'll have to take.

I want to take this opportunity *ahem* to thank my family, my friends & everyone who had a part to play in making me the person that I am, in helping me achieve whatever accomplishments I've made in 2009 & that I'll try to do better in 2010 & the future.
If the 2012-is-the-end-of-the-world prophecy is true, then I'm glad I've tried to be a better person & to do good on this earth.

Goodbye 2009 :)

PS. I know it's a bit early but I may not have time once I reach UMP on 27/28 Dec :)


aMMerZ said...

Sounded funny coz u made it so early...never mind!!

i wonder, why PSM n plant design represented by UMP logos???put some pix la..that will be more interesting n memorable:)

u are not just philosophical,but ideologist, good thinker n etc.

anyway, i like this part "I'm coming closer to the end of university life, to the start of having a career, to possibly finding a life partner & having kids bla bla bla..."

does it mean it's the time 4 u to look 4ward on it?????? kinda wonder, =.=

keep up with more articles + opinions, can't wait to read it!!


Rowan said...

LOL I don't have pix for PSM & Plant Design...UMP logo kinda sums up what they are :p

Yeah it's definitely the time to look back & learn from my lessons before looking forward into the future :)

Thanks for your support, Ammerz! :)

espree said...

hey rowie,i was scrolling down your page reading the events in order but i couldnt help it.I CRINGED when i saw your number two.
The Swine Flu.
And all the paranoia it brings.
It instantly reminded me of wht it cost us.Our much awaited trip to Melb.Man,that was a big blow for everyone.
Anyways,sorry for bringing that up.i know i should bury it by now.lols.But aside from that i thot 2009 was a great year.It was my last in Uni,last in debates and also my last as a student.
I've learned alot and I'm looking forward to what 2010 has in store for me!
Cheers to 2010~weee

Rowan said...

LOL! Yeah that darn swine flu took away an awesome chance, it was gonna be the best debating tournament for me...but life has its ways :)

Good luck LULU! 2010 awaits! :)

オテモヤン said...
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