It's Been Awhile...

Wow...how time flies, before you know it, it's already the end of Feb. I didn't post at all because I haven't the time/frame of mind to sit down, gather information & put it altogether here, so my apologies >.< style="font-weight: bold;">

1. Academic: things are really getting stressful now. I'm not inspired to get things done, I've 1 week left to complete my PSM & Plant Design...the research project is a pain; the last run I did yielded negative results so I hope I've time to get the data I need. Plant Design requires Utilities & Equipment sizing summary; the former has never been asked for previously so I'm clueless as to know what utilities we're using etc. I feel I've run out of steam. I don't find what I'm learning this semester enjoyable at all. If anything I realized I'm more of a study-theory-&-score-in-test person: research is not for me, pursuing a Masters degree doesn't seem appealing anymore >.<
2. Industrial training: I'm in the middle of compiling company profiles & contact details so I can start sending applications. Industrial training will be from 14 June to 26 Nov...6 months so it's crucial for me to find a good place to work at. At least that's coming along better than PSM & Plant design >.<
3. Orchestra: A LOT OF CHANGES!
  • New trainer: Awesome guy, talk about commitment! Very experienced, understanding & great to work with! :)
  • New repertoire: We're actually trying jazz pieces! We're covering more genres & focusing on what we can manage.
  • New name: UMP Orchestra = UMPO :D
  • New look: We finally have a logo!
  • New structure: The organization is bigger now; not only do we have performing members, we've a stage crew too to help out with logistics etc during shows.
  • New policies: Membership is now restricted to individuals who can play instruments until we are able to pull in trainers who can provide proper tutelage for newbies.
*For more information about the UMPO & its new direction, check out the site here :)

4. Sports: Now that the sports complex is open, I play badminton almost every week. I feel stronger & healthier, not to mention that it's a great way to bond with friends :p I thought of representing the university at tournaments but time is against me :(
Damn the courts are nice!

5. Debate: I've decided I probably won't debate anymore this semester. Due to certain circumstances, I think I'd give adjudication a shot...A good chance is by being the CA for the upcoming VC Cup Debate tourney in UMP. I plan to make it as structured as possible & provide fair motions for everyone.
I definitely have ideas for future articles: based on the poll, I guess a newsletter is in the works! :p I'll probably update movie reviews, recent trips etc. Stay tuned & happy 2010! :)


Radin87 said...

Hello Jo Ann.. nice too read your article again!
If not, i wouldn't know what our little Orchestra Club has become.. UMPO!! Nice!!

I would like to hear the performance if I had the chance.. (^_^)

A. said...

good to see you writing again :D

Rowan said...

Thanks Radin, yeah there are a LOT of changes, hopefully you'll make it to one of our concerts! :D

@A: Thank you, there's a lot of catching up to do :)