Curry Laksa at Teluk Cempedak

It was crazy: the idea was to leave UMP at 7.30am, drive up to Teluk Cempedak (TC) & have curry laksa. Apparently this shop made really good curry laksa (halal too!) & it gets really crowded by 9am.
The shop is located in the row of coffeeshops along the road towards the beach, you can't miss it. They sell wan tan mee besides their popular curry laksa & the prices are affordable! Mom will like this place lol! :)
See the curry laksa? The cockles are fresh, the chicken meat is almost fat-free & the soup is well-balanced; not too much santan & not too dilute!
If you're up for a morning visit to the beach, drop by this shop for breakfast, it'll be worth your while :)

PS. Sorry for the lack of details, at 7.30am my brain wasn't functioning, but I got the gist that I was eat yummylicious curry laksa :D

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