Ignorance Breeds Cruelty

It was heart-wrenching to read this news article today. It's hard to believe that humans can be capable of such cruelty & can commit such a humiliating act to another person.

Then there were students posting memos reminding the rest of us "less-than-holy" peers not to get caught up in romance & our hormones to avoid descending into the "darkness" & "path of sin". I laughed out loud & sighed with frustration reading the immature statements of so-called university students. It just shows how ignorant young adults can be; recap Indonesian students condemning condom use as legalizing casual sex.

I've a few things to say:

Prohibiting doesn't work
We've been advising people not to "couple up" so as to avoid the risk of having sex but unwanted pregnancies still happen. No matter how the authorities may TRY to stop guys & gals from mingling & going out dating, humans will be humans ie. rebellious & curious. Throw in hormones & you've a potent mix. It's silly to stop couples from going out because they're determined to go out anyway & we're not sending the message that we're suppose to deliver: practice caution. Discouraging communication between the opposite genders will either create gals who are too frightened to talk to a guy because, hey, he's thinking of drilling you, or guys who are hell-bent on getting laid when all restrictions are off.

Educate to protect
One problem with our society is that sex is still a taboo topic, despite our exposure to free information & the globalization of our nation. It's amusing to note that even full-grown adults can consider sex as a duty of a wife to her husband, that it's disgusting & it'll make a girl wanna kill herself (yes, I've heard crap like that before). What our society needs is HONESTY. Talk to us, talk to our children about what sex is, about the consequences, about the options available. I don't condone casual sex but I am an advocate of SAFE SEX. Control your lust if you must, but if all else fails, at least you know you can protect yourself & your partner.

Respect Our Women
To the guys who say:

1) "if you love me, you'll have sex with me"
2) "she deserved to be raped coz she dressed so sexily"
3) "it's your fault that you're pregnant"

My response? Screw you. Respect the female race. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, nieces...if one of your female relatives were caught up in rape/unwanted pregnancies, would you condemn them? I HATE it when some guys simply assume that it's the woman's fault that she got knocked up. Have you ever thought where the freaking sperm came from? This degrading view of women has to go if we want to move forward. Treat your girlfriend/partner with respect. No means no. A pregnancy is a shared responsibility, not the burden of one person alone. If the couple is willing to talk through the issue, that poor woman in the earlier news article probably won't have her fetus STOMPED out of her womb.

RIP to the unidentified woman in that news article. RIP to the innocent babies dumped like garbage. I sincerely hope there'll be a brighter & more secure future for Malaysian women. We deserved to feel safe & we deserve to be taken care of, not accused of being the guise of Satan to lure "holy" men from the path of righteousness. So yes, I'm writing out of fury, but no one deserves to have her body violated like that.


Kenix Yip said...

very true Rowie... I'm very angry with those ppl who only blame female when she got raped/ unwanted pregnancy. F*ck them who said that? Excuse me? Who on earth is willing to be raped? Who on earth cant control their own lust and did these kinds of Satan's act? Please be clear with that, people!

Rowan said...

Yeah I hate the fact that in an unwanted pregnancy situation, it's the WOMAN'S FAULT. In a rape, it's the WOMAN'S FAULT.

The person who violated that poor woman's body must be one who:
1. thinks women are nothing but vessels for sex/babies

2. thinks that woman "tricked" him into doing the "dirty deed" & that the pregnancy was her "idea"

I hope they catch the culprit. No matter what that woman did, she & her unborn child didn't deserve that kind of treatment.

bambi said...

let me put my feminist cap on.*donning a nice cap*

yes,them chauvinist pigs are too much.its sad that in today's society,i being a woman sometimes just makes u want to light yourself on fire.its frustrating when they justify their acts with reasons like (1)she was dumb or (2) she was easy and the worst (3) she dresses provocatively/revealingly.

and this might be out of topic but i would also like to voice out my dissatisfaction on the double standards that women receive.somehow it is ok for men to have multiple partners/lovers but its not ok for women to do it.
for example men want the 'perfect' woman for marriage.(ie:she has to be a virgin)when in fact most men are not virgins anyway.so why the double standards?

Rowan said...

Bambi, it's not completely off topic. One of the factors of this issue is this lack of respect for women.

I understand your sentiments, there are guys I know who can accuse a woman of being a slut when, hey, it's OKAY for a guy to be sleeping around coz THAT'S cool?? Double standards, indeed.

This isn't all the men's fault though; if women have respect for themselves & can instill that respect for women in their sons, brothers, etc. we wouldn't be bashing ignoranuses right now.

Then again, many women have been made to feel inferior & to be submissive by society; it's gonna be a hard mold to break.

Otit said...

Can't help but agree to your point,Rowie.

1.women are people too,not an object.
2.Why blame women for being sexy? sexy is a gift.And a gift have to be shared with everyone.hehehe.

Rowan said...

Even women who are all dressed up can be raped. Is it still her fault then?

1. If our society was more open to discussing sex, girls won't be easily persuaded into having premarital sex & getting pregnant.

2. If our society respects our women & empower them to respect themselves, these "bad" guys won't mess with us.

3. If our society is willing to give aid rather than condemn girls with unwanted pregnancies, they could get help & we won't see dead babies disposed like waste.

I could go on & on but society's still gonna move at a frustratingly slow pace to change this mindset.