Baby Hatch in Malaysia: Its True Purpose

The 1st baby hatch was set up in Petaling Jaya for mothers to leave their unwanted babies for adoption (TheStar). I applaud the move by OrphanCARE to save the lives of these abandoned babies & provide hope that they would be cared for in a loving home.

I'm shocked, however, by comments by some Malaysians that this step would encourage youths to have unprotected sex & it doesn't solve the problem of the rising number of teens having premarital sex. What do you guys want, actually? Problem isn't really the number of teens fooling around; the hatch was set up to save abandoned babies from a certain death.
I wish more Malaysians would be supportive of caring & positive acts to aid our society.
  • Had YOU been willing to talk to your children about sex;
  • Had YOU been willing to teach them about protection;
  • Had YOU been willing to offer support when they needed it most;
  • Had YOU been willing to put aside old-fashioned values to solve a modern problem;
We wouldn't have to set up a baby hatch in the first place.

I'm glad & proud that MY parents were willing to talk to me & my sisters like adults & teach us the importance of being responsible. I know if I have an unwanted pregnancy, I can talk to my parents & work out the solution. I wish more parents out there would be like mine.
The life we have to guard the most is the child because it's not his/her fault that he/she was brought into this world under such controversial circumstances. The baby hatch is a small step for us to redeem ourselves.


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

nice blog, thk for sharing
nice to meet u ;-)

Radin87 said...
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Radin87 said...

Yup, I agree with you Jo Ann. The Baby Hatch program supposedly become a center to save this children from their irresponsible 'parents'.

This unwanted babies oftenly result from a premarital sex, usually become a victim eventhough their clearly innocent from their biological father / mother doing.

Now, its up to the community (and us) to educate the society to be resposible not to have premarital sex.

Rowan said...

@Yoga Tramp: Thank you ;)

@Radin: Yeah we cannot pretend that premarital sex is happening; some parents don't even KNOW that their kids are involved in casual sex!

The Malaysian society must own up. I agree with you that we have to protect these innocent babies. We have to be more open with our children & get them to speak up so we can avoid trash-babies.

In the meantime, the baby hatch will have to do.