Movie Review: The Cove

This 2009 documentary highlights the dolphin slaughter at Taiji, Japan. Headed by Ric O'Barry, the film covers the following issues:

1. Dolphin captivity
2. Dolphins as intelligent beings
3. Mercury poisoning
4. Lack of awareness
5. Empowerment of activists

I'll do this piece in a slightly different format from my previous movie reviews, seeing as this film is WAY different from the rest.
Ric O'Barry was the man who helped capture & train 5 dolphins for the phenomenal film Flipper. The film started the storm that was dolphin parks. However one of the dolphins committed suicide in his arms, sparking his transformation into one of the most prolific dolphin activists on the planet.

The film then covers the history of whaling & the actions of the international community for & against this activity. It also discussed the effects of mercury poisoning as a result of dolphin meat consumption. The film followed the cast as they set up secret cameras to eventually record the dolphin slaughter for the world to see.
Ric O'Barry is a very determined activist on a mission to stop the killings at the cove. He believes that "focusing on that small body of water" would be the start to stop dolphin slaughter in other parts of Japan & the world. He is accompanied by a team of activists who are diligent in setting up the cameras amidst the tight security & braving interrogation by the fishermen...not to mention being followed by the cops! A brave & inspiring group of men & women who would do what's right to save one of nature's most beautiful creatures from a senseless death.

Penned by J. Ralph, the music is a powerful engine, transporting us through the film with Japanese nuances and amazing dynamics. My favorite piece is Dolphins & Ric, which provided the support towards the end of the film, where notes were flashed about the actions taken by various parties in response to the film itself. That was a fabulous composition.
A moving documentary, its very well-structured to give the suspense of an action film, yet the reality of it is shocking. This barbaric slaughter is an unreasonable clinging to an outdated & unnecessary tradition. Japan's excuses show that they'll stop at nothing to protect a ridiculous pride:

1. The killing method has been improved so that more than half of the animals are killed instantly
2. The Taiji fishermen are told to kill the dolphins as "pest control" since the dolphins consume their fishes
3. The recruitment of countries like Cambodia & Laos to support their whaling agenda

Support the Cove at their site or on Facebook.

The Taiji dolphin slaughter is scheduled to resume every September. Unless we stop it.


Thomas Watson said...

Looks like I should definitely check this one out. A great review like always :)

Rowan said...

Hi Thomas, it really is a gripping documentary and worth the watch! Thanks for reading! :)