Article on manipulative politicians takes on fairy tale sheen

Once upon a time in a land far away…

A typical beginning with a non-typical ending!

It may be an analogy of the world oil scenario today but it’s a pretty good piece of literature, I was very impressed! Written by Les Skinner, I came upon this article in the World Oil magazine while at work. The article gave a smart & creative description on how politicians manipulate the industry for selfish reasons.

I couldn’t find the article online & I shan’t post the entire article online. I suggest getting the magazine which has other interesting articles (Expanding Roles of NOCs, 131-141). You can also get the article straight from here (http://www.worldoil.com/May-2008-Drilling-advances.html). But if you’re unable to get the magazine, drop a comment & I will try to provide the soft copy for you :)

We need more articles like this for the laymen to understand the industry’s perspective on crooked politicians!

Reference: Skinner, L. (2008, May). A tale of two craftsmen. World Oil Magazine, 229 (5), 29.

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