Internship Woo!

Well I just started my internship at Technip Geoproduction (M) Sdn Bhd, at Wisma Technip located on Jalan Tun Razak. I was pretty lucky as this was the only 1 out of the 11 companies I contacted that accepted my application. I first heard of this company when one of my seniors conducted her internship there & is now a graduate engineer at the same company.
The internship is a compulsory requirement for my graduation from UMP:
1. Duration: 6 months (June – Nov)
2. Work scope: anything related to chemical engineering lol!
3. Allowance: depends on the company.
4. Supervisor: depends on the company.
Since the company is in KL, my food & accommodation is settled hehe! So far I’ve been here for nearly 2 weeks, so here are my impressions:
1. I hate KL traffic jam! It takes me about30 min to go to work but an HOUR just to get back! Even leaving at 5pm doesn’t guarantee a smooth ride home >.<
2. I hear ambulance sirens everyday, sometimes 8 times! I guess this is justified by the fact that there are several hospitals down the main road.
3. Everyday I record stuff in my log book: new terms, concepts, processes…anything to fill it up!
4. I have a love-hate relationship with the World Oil, Hydrocarbon Processing & Offshore Engineering magazines; it’s interesting to read the articles but it can be really boring too!
5. KL food is expensive >.<>
What do I think about the company? I think it’s cool:
1. It’s an MNC so you definitely feel the vibe of different nationalities & cultures here when there’s French dudes in the elevator speaking adorable English! Everyone’s speaking English here which is cool & there are various opportunities for the staff to be stationed overseas!
2. Plus there are monthly lectures by senior engineers for the younger employees to discuss project updates, new technologies, company policies etc, which I feel is good for one to enhance their knowledge (the only way for us to go up the engineering ladder!).
3. The company’s strict about internet browsing: even CNN & BBC are off-limits! Facebooking is a no-no. They detect potential spam mail in the intranet too. I’m fine with these constraints: they may be frustrating at times when they block useful sites from us, but then we have a pretty extensive department library so that shouldn’t be a problem!
4. The company has sports activities, an interesting newsletter & other events encouraging mingling among the staff. I’m planning to join the weekly badminton training for ladies; I also heard there’s a band here :p
I haven’t done much yet as the engineers are busy, but I certainly hope that I will be able to continue working at Technip. Plant design everyday: Fun, no? :p


ahmad said...

hello..how much technip give u allownce for internship pgrm?

Rowan said...

Sorry don't have the liberty to tell but it's decent :)

rarye said...

Hello, can you share with me how you applied for the internship. The steps needed in order to secure a place please. thanks! :)