Movie Review: Chloe

I recently watched this Hollywood remaking of the French film Nathalie at home. The film is said to be more erotically charged than the original, where a lesbian relationship between the main characters wasn’t fully explored. I’d say this film may be too explicit for most people but hopefully my review will give you a peek into the twisted world of Chloe.


Catherine is a successful gynecologist living in Toronto, Canada with her husband David, a lecturer, and their 17-year-old son, Michael. Despite her career success, she feels lonely and unable to communicate openly with her husband & son. On her husband’s birthday, she planned an elaborate surprise party only to cancel it when her husband was unable to return home from a seminar. She suspects her husband of having an affair with a student & hires an escort, Chloe, to seduce David and prove his infidelity.

Chloe details her meetings with David to Catherine, who is torn between her feeling of betrayal & her fascination with her husband’s sexual encounters with Chloe. Pressured by her insecurity & loneliness, she engages in an affair with Chloe, only to bring danger upon her family.

Julianne Moore portrayed a woman giving in to her doubts & her passion perfectly. It was easy to sympathize with her character. Kudos to Amanda Seyfried; this was the first time I've seen her in a very serious & dramatic role, it was hard to tell if Chloe was crazy or malicious. Liam Neeson & Max Theriot did well in their supporting roles.

The music was composed by Mychael Danna & it perfectly sets up the tone of the film; there were times when I couldn't tell if the show was gonna get creepy or sentimental because of the music! Canadian indie band Raised by Swans had 2 songs featured in the film, as they were mentioned by Chloe to Michael.

I found the film refreshing & (not surprisingly) European lol! It’s certainly realistic & the value of honest & open communication between family members is championed in this film. It’s definitely not a film for fans of mainstream fare :p

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