Another Step Forward

Last Thur was my presentation of my industrial training. It was brief & successful; I was walking around on a cloud of relief & feeling a sense of accomplishment - it's finally over. I no longer have the eyes of the university on me, evaluating everything I do; now it's a different ball game altogether.

It feels like 4 yrs have passed by so quickly, I can still remember how my 1st day at university was. I made so many great friends & learned so much about myself. I accomplished a lot & I did my best to contribute to the diversity of the university. I had great experiences in & out of the university, & I'm not ashamed to say that I did good!
I've to say that my family was the my pillar of strength. Despite the doubts I had about university, about my internship, about myself as a person, they never lost faith in me & hence I'd to want more for myself. My success is their success, my work is their work. I may come from a university that many people has never heard about but you will know ME.

So for now, I'm enjoying my time at Technip, I love coming to work learning about everything related to chemical engineering, I love remembering what I learned before & I love finishing the tasks given. I've a long way to go, my career's barely started but I'm glad that I'm on the right track.
When convocation comes on 9 Oct, it'll mark the end of my era as a student & finally officiate my status as an eager graduate waiting to be employed.

Nothing is impossible, people. You just gotta work hard to make sure your dreams come true & that your goals become a reality. Thank you & be happy always!


Radin87 said...

Nice job Rowan. You finally did it.
Convocation is just around the corner. I grad this year too.. but, at evening session. Probably you in the morning session. huhuu..

Well Done. And Good Luck

crystallife said...

gal...all the best ya.. :)

Rowan said...

@Radin: Haha we should meet up! :p

@Pei Choo: Yeah! See you! :D