Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light

The latest offering by Eidos & Crystal Dynamics combines several new elements as the Tomb Raider returns to our delight :p
i) Multiplayer option
For the 1st time, the franchise introduces a multiplayer element in the form of Totec, Lara's ally as she powers through mercenaries, giant spiders, trolls & other creatures to stop Xolotl, the keeper of darkness. Teamwork has a strong influence on gameplay: Lara & Totec will have to help each other to progress in the game. However players can still opt to play solo.
ii) Isometric viewpoint
This new feature not only brings an arcade feeling to the game, but it keeps both characters in sight even in dark environments & this is a great change, especially to old-time players, where problems such as difficult camera angles & coordination are smoothly eliminated.
iii) Same tune
The music uses recycled tracks from previous games such as Legend, Anniversary & Underworld. Good balance is achieved & as the game is a departure from the main series, it is a good tactic to establish the distinction between Lara Croft & the Tomb Raider brand.
Still, it's always good to be back in exploring the environments, the game provides plenty of opportunities for that & in the multiplayer mode, competitiveness is introduced as the number of kills/rewards are less & Lara will have to compete with Totec to try grab 'em all.

For more information of the game, check out the official site here as well as Gamespot's coverage here! Tomb Raider Chronicles' brand new microsite is not one to miss!

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