Merdeka 2010

53 yrs have passed since our 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman called out the Merdeka cheer after we finally gained independence from Britain.

53 yrs have passed & we have seen so much change, so much improvement & crises in our nation.

As it's been for 53 yrs, 31st Aug will be met with celebration, patriotism & sheer joy in remembering that same Merdeka cheer.

But I feel Malaysia is now at crossroads; every step we take will either bring our country to a better future or stagnant despair. This coming Aug 31st sadly doesn't make me very happy because I don't see much progress as we should be making. All I see is:

i) the ruling party spewing 1Malaysia as the reason to NOT work harder for us

ii) the opposition party having internal spats like dogs over a bone

iii) racism still prevalent in this country: take the case of the headmistress who distastefully called minority groups "penumpang" & that they can return to their "home countries" during school assembly (why hasn't ISA knocked on her door yet?)

iv) an education system that needs a revamp...yet people STILL think we shouldn't use English as the medium for Science & Maths.

v) poverty. mental illnesses. crime. senseless murders: I recall the stabbing of a woman who had just survived cancer.

vi) Malaysian youth = materialism + recklessness.

vii) a harsh & unforgiving society: how can baby hatches be wrong when we're too "scared" to talk about sex education?

What I really want for Malaysia:

i) Transparency. The laws are there. Why are they not in use? Why are politicians making a joke of themselves?

ii) Equality. NEP is no longer relevant. How is a poor Indian or Chinese any different from a poor Malay?

iii) 1Malaysia. I still see myself as a Malaysian Chinese. Do you see yourself as a MALAYSIAN or a (insert race here)?

iv) Development. Collapsing stadiums built on taxpayers' money is the perfect analogy of what will happen if we do not improve ourselves to compete in the real world competition.

v) Maturity. We cannot keep pretending that gays are not humans, that our little girls will grow up & that baby dumping is a trend. Where is the initiative to change society to become more compassionate?

Maybe in the future, I will be looking forward to Merdeka celebrations. But for now, I'm going to work on Mon & on Tue, I'm just gonna sleep in because it's a significant day gone to goddamn shame.


Radin87 said...

Yes, you are right rowan. I have a little time recently, and I take part time job as an enumerator, (pembanci penduduk). heheh..

Well, what can I see.. actually most of our citizens today was born and stayed at Malaysia for a long time.. And, most of us are doing fine and have a potential to unite. But, this cunning politicians just blow it away. Thus, some of them still has prejudist with each other and separate themselves divided into races. Seeing their children playing with each other ease me, but somehow, I do not know what will happen in the future...

Well, we currently on our way becoming the new generation of Malaysia.. let us try the hardest we can to make Malaysia a better place to lives. (^_^)

Rowan said...

Yeah it's sad that the politicians (on both sides) are not doing what they're supposed to be doing: using their influence to make things better.

It's a wasted effort if you & me can understand each other & live in harmony but the gov lets racist headmistresses keep their jobs. Why isn't the ISA locking her up? So what if she's a headmistress? There are plenty of headmistresses who don't tell Chinese students that they can go back to China.

Every morning I hear the radio ads saying "1Malaysia isn't a dream, it's what we was & can be again". Note the key word "was"": obviously interracial harmony has deteriorated.

Too many problems to handle, not enough law enforcement to get them settled. Being a Malaysian means I'm not a displaced citizen. That's pretty much what it is at this point.