Movie Review: Vampires Suck

It was bound to happen. The dream film that all Twilight dissers wished for is out. The parody that makes fun of everything sparkling, wolfish & lame is now in cinemas.

Becca Crane (oh what a name! LOL!) moves to Sporks & is attracted to Edward Sullens. Remaining faithful to the Twilight Saga where the movie is based on, the plot takes crucial elements & events from the saga & adds comedic twists to it. Since the entire Twilight saga is a joke, you can imagine the hilarity of watching other people imitate the characters from Stephenie Meyer's imagination.
Kudos to Jenn Proske for imitating Kirsten Stewart right down to the pathetic acting, hair tucking & hesitant movements. Her imitation was flawless & downright hilarious to watch! She stands out from the rest of the cast because I imagine it's tough to play a character with NO character at all! The rest of the cast has limited development because...well, there's not much character development in the original movies, but they did well to bring out the jokes that were plentiful!
The soundtrack comprises some of the music used during key segments of the Twilight films, such as the unusually placed guitar riffs here & there. It became eerie to hear the music being played in a film besides those from the saga. Pretty eerie.
The film had some brilliant jokes (well they ARE making fun of Twilight!) & some pretty lame ones. To be honest, if not for the fact that I hate Twilight, I probably won't be watching this film. It comes off as too desperate sometimes & I always believe that a parody should draw from the original film & twist it to be funny; this film had too many new elements that are, sadly, not new to the world of parodies. A good effort & it was fun to watch. Definitely not for those Twitards :p

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