Movie Review: Date Night

I can't believe I forgot to write a review on this film! I watched it 4 times in the cinema, every time was like the 1st time, this film just tickled my funny bone endlessly!

Phil & Claire Foster is a married couple with 2 young children from New Jersey. They live an ordinary life & every week they go on a date night, leaving their children with a babysitter. They order the same food, refuse dessert & the demands of their working life made it difficult for them to embark on spontaneous intimacy.
When another couple (their friends) divorce, they realize they need to spark some life in their marriage & instead of eating at the usual place for date night, they dress up & drive out to Claw, a trendy new seafood restaurant. The couple were unable to get a seat & resorted to taking another couple's reservation, under the name Tripplehorns. While enjoying the food, 2 men approach them & request them to leave the restaurant.
The couple obliged, under the pretext that they were found out but when they arrive at the alley, the men turn out to be working for Joe Miletto, a mobster boss. They demanded the Tripplehorns to return a flashdrive stolen from their boss. Claire & Phil failed to convince the men that they were mistaken & they were taken to the park where Phil lied that the flash drive was hidden there.
The couple escaped & decided that the only way to get out of this mess was to get the flash drive from the real Tripplehorns & return it to Joe Miletto. Hence begins the fun ride of cool car scenes, hilarious jokes & unexpected twists to this simple yet ridiculously entertaining movie! :D

The chemistry between Tina Fey & Steve Carrell is fantastic; their lines are so witty & they carried their characters with such natural talent, it's easy to believe that the story can happen to anyone in real life! The supporting cast did well to provide easy humor & their interaction with the lead stars was very good. I especially liked Mark Wahlberg; he was smooth, funny & has a body certified as eye candy! Even James Franco's cameo role made for some great laughter in the film!

I love the soundtrack, nothing new, but they fit the scenes like a glove, especially Fresh Groove, when we are introduced to Joe Miletto. Even the car chase scene was exciting, thanks to Cobrastyle! Great sound selection, despite not using any brand new compositions.
Definitely a good family show & the underlying values of trust & love in a relationship comes through in the end. Well-paced & well-balanced, this is really one of the best offerings of 2009.
Well, I watched it in the cinema 4 times! That's gotta count for something! :p

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