Movie Review: Going The Distance

I just watched Going the Distance with uni mates today, I had my reservations seeing that some reviews described the show as one where the audience lapsed into a coma, but it was surprisingly good!

The Plot
Erin meets Garrett in NY & spends a great 6 weeks together before she returns to San Francisco to complete her studies. They embark on a long-distance relationship (LDR), coping with being without the other & missing each other. The strain of the relationship gets to the both of them but true love prevails *aww*
The Cast
The chemistry between the leading stars is critical for any movie, especially for a romantic comedy & this is where the strength of the film lies: the chemistry between Drew Barrymore & Justin Long is awesome, I wonder if they REALLY split up. Christina Applegate was hilarious as Erin's protective big sister, plus the tag team of Charlie Day & Jason Sudeikis provided some of the great laughs in the film.
The Music
Boxer Rebellion makes a cameo appearance in the film, their music is also featured in the soundtrack. The soundtrack makes use of simple, frill-free music to enhance the simplicity of the plot yet perfectly meshes with the complicated mess of romance.
Great film to watch with family, some moments are insanely hilarious, while others will tug at your heartstrings. Good insight into the ups & downs of LDRs; all in all, this is a film that won't fail you if you're looking for something sweet & fun.

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