Happy 2011

Well 2011 has arrived & man, what a yr 2010 was! I started working in Dec & everyday is about learning something new! I realized I really like what I'm doing, I really enjoy coming to work especially since I've so many good friends there & a great group of people to look up to! :) 

Now I know I haven't been updating my blog (giving reasons for my absence still doesn't make up for it, I know!) but I've been super busy & we all know it takes time to really focus on writing a proper blog piece! My promise still stands: should I have more time & attention, some new material will pop up here! 

I suppose 2011 will be a yr where I will truly learn the meaning of financial independence, adult responsibility & fulfilling my career aspirations. If anything, 2010 has shown me that life can have many unexpected turns & it helps to have family & spiritual belief in oneself to overcome the challenges & become a stronger person at the end of the day!

I've resumed violin classes & I've fixed my piano so I'm tinkling away more often (to the chagrin of my family members + neighbors lol!), so there's 1 facet I'm set on improving! I've come to treasure my evenings with family & gatherings with my friends is a great habit I've started to practice! 

I certainly hope 2011 will bring more joy & prosperity, I also know most of that will only come if I am open & willing to work for it, so here's to hoping I'll do way better than last yr! So happy 2011 everyone & good luck!


Radin87 said...

happy new year 2011~~ (^_^)

Rowan said...

Happy new year to you too! :D