Music Goals

Now that I've settled in my new routine, I'm outlining some music goals I want to achieve:

1. Improve my violin skills

I've resumed my violin classes & now I'm trying to master the 3rd position, my bowing is still problematic (I hate hearing notes that aren't supposed to be there) but at least the notes sound more solid & clearer. I've a copy of the Eta Cohen Violin Method book 3, it's a really good book with drills to strengthen the fingerwork & has a nice compilation of songs for practice. The current song I want to master on the violin is Bach's Violin Concerto in D minor, I'm learning different fingering combinations & trying to get the bowing right.

2. Expand my piano repertoire

I want to play these songs by the end of 2011:
  • Claire de Lune - I can't get past the 2nd page!
  • Flight of the Bumblebee - I'm still unable to play the piece smoothly
  • Fantasie Impromptu - suggested by a senior, I've trouble synchronising both hands!
  • Pop songs - there are many songs I've tried but still not up to playing it with some gusto!
Pretty ambitious but I gotta start somewhere, right?

3. Heaven knows I need a new sing-along CD for the long KL jams! Cee-Lo's Forget You is definitely gonna be on that CD, I'm addicted to that song! I've grown weary of surfing the radio channels to hear a song I actually like!

A short entry for me, I've got some entries half-written for this blog, so stay tuned! Happy Chinese New Year! :)

PS. My music school will be having a concert in March so let's hope I get to put on a good show!

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Rowan said...

Well here's an update:

1) I didn't get to perform for the concert due to work commitments, but I heard it was a success :)

2) I've moved away from the songs listed towards classical violin music, I'm now focusing on Bach's Violin Concerto in A Min 1st mvt.