Hooked on Lana Del Rey

Yes I like listening to Lana Del Rey's music while I'm ironing clothes lol! 

It is through my sister that I first heard Born to Die; the American singer/songwriter has the internet abuzz about her vocal talent (critics slammed her performance on SNL), and there were calls from some quarters saying that her pouty lips are fake. 

Seems like Lana's saying "WHATEVER". I personally felt she redeemed herself with a lovely rendition of Videogames on The David Letterman show, and her lips, real or not, goes well with her gilded, old-Hollywood charm. 

Her music blends soaring strings with a strong pop beat; I find it amazing that even the song Videogames which is basically about how she loves spending time with her boyfriend can sound like (as an online friend put it) "an audio fairytale". 
With a no2 debut on the American Billboard charts, Lana Del Rey can be considered a rising pop star. She's a unique addition to the group of new stars like Adele and Nicki Minaj. I'm hooked and enjoying her music! ;) 

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