Movie Review: This Means War

Recently on Valentine's Day, me and my colleagues went to Pavilion for dinner at Michelangelo's and it was great - good food, good company and the lovely ambiance added to the happy, lovey V-day mood. Then it was off to watch the latest rom-com This Means War. 

Tuck and Frank are best friends and work as a team for the CIA. They attempted to capture the villain Heinrich but ended up killing his brother, which stirred up a lot of publicity. They were grounded to "desk work", and Heinrich vows to avenge his brother's death. Tuck joins a dating site online and contacts Lauren, a pretty blonde. Lauren's profile was created by her friend, Trish, but Lauren agrees to meet Tuck after seeing his oh-so-dashing photo online. 
Tuck informed Frank of his impending date, and Frank offered to be in the video store nearby to "offer support", since Tuck has been out of the dating world for a long time. Tuck and Lauren's 1st date was a success, and Lauren heads to the video store where Frank was browsing titles. Frank meets her and eventually went out on a date with her. 
Both men are smitten and when they realize they were dating the same woman, they shook hands on a Gentlemen's Agreement - neither men would sleep with her nor sabotage the other guy's attempts to woo her. The exact opposite ensues, as both men use hilarious tactics to outplay the other. Lauren is torn as she enjoys the company of both men but knows she can only be with one. The chase strains the guys' friendship and it is tested when Heinrich targets Lauren to get back at them.
Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are superb choices for eye-nomming; the chemistry between the two is sizzling and their bromance is fun to watch! Reese Witherspoon is gorgeous, and though I wonder if she looks a little too old for either guy, she pulled off the funny role very well. Chelsea Handler nailed the character of the annoying, silly Trish. Til Schweiger was mostly silent in the film but his evil dark stares did the job of bringing Heinrich to life. 
The soundtrack was written by Christopher Beck; I enjoyed his music from the film Tower Heist (someone remind me to write a review on that movie too!), and I enjoyed the music from this one. Nothing too heavy and some of the songs added the international spy feel to the show. 

Hilarious film, great to watch on V-day. Some cool action scenes here and there, the jokes were enjoyable; the best part is that the film doesn't pretend to be what it's not - it capitalizes on what I appreciated the most, which is the comedy. Not a bad choice for movie gazing this week ;)

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