I keep track of my budget and so far, I'm doing pretty okay. When I see the greens, I start thinking about what I would love to spend my money on...so here's my wishlist of stuff I'd like to indulge in!

1) Xbox
Ever since I realized that my Dell laptop (bless it) is not able to play Tomb Raider Underworld, I've considered getting a game console so I can enjoy myself playing my favorite video game of all time. The Xbox is appealing because it's not too expensive and I've tried playing it at the local game store; the feel is great! The games are also cheaper compared to the PS3 games. This is a more affordable choice and at RM1500 therabouts, this comes at no 1 on my wish list! 

2) Foot massage
I've sprained both ankles, twice each. The injury doesn't hamper me much; I can still move about, I play badminton regularly, and sometimes I go jogging on my hilly residential area - but there are days where I wish I can just lie back and have someone massage the aches away, especially after a strenuous badminton session! I've always been tempted to drop by the Choy Yang Reflexology Centre on Jalan Telawi but always held back insisting that my feet are fine! Well 1 day I'ma drop by and have my feet massaged the hell out! ;)
3) Oysters
This may not qualify since the family and I opted to have our CNY reunion dinner at Victoria's Station this year, and on impulse I ordered a dozen fresh oysters. It was really fresh and tasted amazing. My first experience with oysters was at the department lunch in 2010; the buffet lunch at Dorsett Regency Hotel had oysters and I knocked back 2 of these scrumptious shellfishes. I'm glad I'm not allergic towards seafood and oysters are definitely a must-have for a happy tummeh!
4) Books
I attended some book sales last yr - Popular book sale at KL Convention Center, and The Big Bad Wolf Sale at UPM - they whetted my appetite for book buying. I bought books by Nora Roberts, Amy Tan and Anne Rice. I usually rent books from Book X-Change but some titles are not available; also sometimes I rent the same book so many times, that buying it is the cheaper option. I'll be paying attention for upcoming book sales, but there's a space constraint so I'll need to focus on books that I REALLY want to get!
5) Vacation
Damn. I enjoy my work but last yr I realized that annual leave is provided for a REASON. I'm lucky that my company allows me to sell off my leave, but I need to learn how to take leave for myself! The few trips I've taken made me realize that I do enjoy taking time off exploring a new place; I don't think I'm into adventurous traveling - I prefer sightseeing and soaking up different cultures. However taking a vacation is a very expensive indulgence and requires a lot of planning for it to go smoothly, so it's not a priority for me now (making excuses? :p)

Well that's my very short wishlist, I guess I've covered something for everything - the physical, the intellectual, the spiritual and the plain fun! 

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Rowan said...

1) I've yet to decide if I want an Xbox or a PS3. Feedback would be appreciated :)

2) I've gone for a foot massage several times: this is definitely an indulgence that I like! :D

3) Oysters: LIKE! I prefer 'em raw; baked oysters just doesn't taste as good :)

4) I've read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson and the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins - superb books!

5) I visited Lang Tengah near Redang, Terengganu recently for a department trip: sun, sand, sea and booze - perfect holiday combo!