Movie Review: The Hunger Games

Why was I drawn to this movie? 
1) Jennifer Lawrence
2) The trailer was intriguing
3) Jennifer Lawrence

Har har. Here we go! 

Based on the popular novels by Suzanne Collins (I've read all 3 books - THEY ARE GOOD!), The Hunger Game is set in the future nation of Panem, divided into 12 districts. There was a District 13 but that was blown to bits when the people rose to a revolution and lost to the ruling government, currently under the reign of President Snow. As a reminder of the sacrifice and the cost of war, the Hunger Games was introduced where a boy and a girl aged between 12-18 yrs will be randomly selected from all the districts to fight it out in an arena until only 1 winner remains. The winner will be given wealth and food for his/her district; a dear gift as many of the districts are impoverished. 
Katniss Everdeen is a superb archer and hunter; she illegally hunts in the forest to provide for her mother and her younger sister Primrose, her father was a miner who died in a mining accident. When Primrose is selected to represent District 12, Katniss volunteered to take her sister's place and is thrown into the insane, circus-like world of the Games. She and Peeta Mellark, the other tribute from District 12, are forced to make/break alliances in order to survive the Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence has come into her own with this offering; she is gritty, desperate, resourceful and carried the development of the character Katniss with so much maturity and accuracy that it is SO EASY to empathize and to feel the emotions that Katniss is feeling throughout the film. Another star to look out is Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta with charm and great talent. Liam Hemsworth didn't have a big role in the film but I guess he'll have a bigger part to play in the sequel. I find Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson's portrayals of Effie Trinket and Haymitch to be surprisingly true to the book and simply plain wonderful; even Lenny Kravitz was endearing as the compassionate Cinna. 
Laurie Spiegel penned the score for the movie; the music is crisp, dark and makes everything in the film feel so REAL. I felt I was in the woods, hiding out from the other Tributes and feeling the need to fight/flee. 

One of the better film adaptations out there, I cannot wait for the next movie Catching Fire due late-2013. Definitely one of the must-see films of 2012! So everyone...may the odds be EVER in your favor! :)

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