End of One Violin Chapter

Well last Wednesday I sat for my ABRSM Grade 5 exam for violin. I honestly feel I can either fail or pass this one. I was a nervous wreck:

1) Work is peaking now so I have barely enough time to get in sufficient practice. I also confess to slacking - there are just some days where I don't feel like practicing or I had other appointments/activities that I partook which reduced my concentration during practice. 
2) I was worried that my violin's limitations (being a beginner violin) would affect my performance so I was driving all over town collecting violins from friends and acquaintances - I ended up reverting to my own violin and compiling 6 violins under my roof!
I suppose all of this contributed to stiff fingers that probably ruined my 1st piece, and accidentally switched off the room lights as I exited (thank goodness the examiner laughed it off, hopefully she got the hint that I was super-nervous!)

I suppose it's always good to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Should I fail this exam, it would be a very expensive (ouch) lesson in fulfilling my commitments and organizing my time. I would also focus on preparing myself better for Grade 7 exam in 2014 (the exam repertoire is valid for 4 yrs so 2 yrs should be sufficient for me to be ready). In any case, it was a good experience: I haven't gone for a proper music exam in a LOOONG time and it was a humbling moment too. 
I can sigh with relief and get back to trying new pieces on the violin and  the piano again! Wish me luck! ;)

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