Wants for Sept 2012

Indulge me as I daydream about what I would like to purchase this coming September! ;)

1) iPad
The whole tablet craze has hooked me; my uncle has an iPad2 and it's fun to see how he enjoys himself with the various apps and camera functions! I wouldn't mind having an iPad in the house, what with the WiFi; dad could use it when he's going out! At the moment the new iPad is priced at RM1499; RM300 more for better resolution and camera quality. 

2) xBox
It was a long debate but the xBox won over the PS3 because it's cheaper and I'm not a heavy gamer. Plus at RM1400, I can use the Kinect to play more interactive games with the family. Since my main interest is Tomb Raider and possibly Prince of Persia, xBox is the more practical solution. 
3) Violin
Oh it's about time. The recent exam proved that it is safer to use a better violin! I've a violin in mind but I'll need more time to survey and to feel it out. It's gonna be a big investment because I plan for it for be a lifelong companion! 

4) Holiday
This yr's holiday would probably be a local getaway; however it won't hurt to plan ahead for next yr's vacation! A 5-day vacation should suffice to explore any of the following:
- Dublin
- Rome
- Vienna
That being said, there's a LOT of money that needs to be saved: this means less shopping for clothes/accessories, less movie outings (boo hoo) and better time management! ;)

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