Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

I doubted that I would enjoy this movie but it turned out to be a very enjoyable film to watch on a random Saturday evening with the sisters. I've not seen the trailer nor read the spoilers, so I was in for quite a ride! 

Long ago there was an ancient feud between the giants and men. The giants travel from their world above to earth below via huge beanstalks that sprout from magic beans in contact with water. King Erik used a magical crown to control the giants and he banished them back to their land. Over time this history became legend told to the young; among them was Jack, a simple farm boy and the Princess Isabelle, descendant of King Erik. 
Jack meets Isabelle and unwittingly he begins a series of events that brings the kingdom to contact with a race of angry, bitter and hungry giants. There are several stories weaving together in the movie: we have a power-hungry lord who seeks control over the giants, and a beautiful princess desperate for adventure thrust into a love story with a peasant who sold a horse for beans.
The giants are a menacing lot; they wants human flesh and Bryan Singer does not hold them back. Munch, tear, squash...don't expect a compassionate giant in this film: they're all out for yer blood! The graphics was great; some of my favorite scenes include the sprouting beanstalk, the architecture that screams "GIANT" and is somewhat distinct from human design - it's the little details that build the picture and makes it believable. 
I was somewhat pleased to recognize the lead actor as Nicholas Hoult who played Beast in X-Men First Class. I always thought that he had potential and he was totally endearing as Jack. Eleanor Tomlinson did alright playing the rebellious princess, though I feel that role has become so clich├Ęd to the point that if she couldn't play it right, she probably wasn't an actress. Though I must point out she resembles Miranda Kerr so it was no hardship watching her onscreen. Ewan McGregor was amazing; not only did he look good but he made his character so likeable! The other supporting cast were great, they didn't over do their performance and made their characters memorable.

John Ottman penned the music for the film, and he's worked together with the director Bryan Singer in several projects. I supposed the collaboration was good, the music was towering when necessary and came in quietly during subdued moments. 

I wonder why Hollywood's churning out their take on fairytales; we had Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, now Jack and the Beanstalk. Yet I feel this movie stands out from the rest because the everyone did was they were supposed to do and not overdo the spinning. I kept thinking the giants will have a change of heart and o-happy ending and there were hints everywhere that made me think this film will have a "meh" ending. Yet the film didn't have all the overkills or the lame twists so I would definitely recommend this film because it hit all the right targets ;)

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